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time server in title

TSTC (Time Server-Time Client) This is a program implementing the Internet Time Protocol.
Size: 549KB
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time server current version plugin date changer 1.0  
TSTC (Time Server - Time Client) This is a program implementing the NTP time serverprotocol. It can both be a time client and a time server. It is usefull to build a time network chain, in the case one station only can be connected t
Size: 60K
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time convert time Network Time time server Time Range  
Time Server Set the time for all computers using the Employee Project Clock application.
Size: 224 KB
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adjust server time synchronisation time server  
Real-Time Server Real-Time connects to a Real-Time server through the internet, or across a LAN!
Size: 1.57MB
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adjust server real time real-time presentations real-time  
Absolute Time Server A full-featured time server, which works as WinNT service.
Size: 3.19 MB
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synchronize synchronization time server SNTP  
At NetClock Time Server @NetClock gives you the ability to have the Date/Timeon all of your networked PC's correct at all times.@NetClock is an Internet standards SNTP Time Serversystem specifically designed for PCnetworks/i
Size: 413K
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SNTP SNTP Time Server SNTP client  

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Atomic PC Clock Atomic PC Clock allows you to make the most of your time!
Size: 656.4 KB
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server time PC Atomic clock pc clock time server  
DayTimeServer Turn your PC into Day Time Server with this simple application
Size: 168 KB
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server time time server system tray Time Connection  
TTimeSync TTimeSync can help your computer get exact current time from Internet or Intranet.
Size: 554.37K
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internet server time time server current time internet time  
TimeTools NTP Server Monitoring This program allows any number of NTP servers to be monitored and can optionally synchronise system time
Size: 2.3 MB
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clock Syncronize time server synchronise directories  
TimeGet TimeGet - grab the date and time from any NTP Time server
Size: 22 KB
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grabber command line time server NTP Server grab time  
ClockWatch Server Maintain time on server and service client requests for time.
Size: 5.2MB
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clock server time synchronizer synchronize time server  

time server in description

GPS Time Synchronizer on a LAN Accord┬┐s GTSYNC is a TCP/IP based client/server tool for synchronizing the time of all the computers in a network. GTSYNC server is installed on the computer with the accurate time source and acts as...
Size: Evaluation
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system interfaces client/server tool TCP/IP server/client  
Atomic Time Zone - Server Edition [b]From the developer:[/b] "Atomic time Zone Server operates 5 Atomic Clock server services simultaneously and is the only time server in the world to do this. Outside synchronization of the server it...
Size: 2.38MB
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simultaneous simultaneous download simultaneous test  
Atom Time Synchronizer Atomtime Synchronizer is a useful and handy utility to keep your PC clock accurate. It can check and synchronize your computer time with a NIST atomic time server, or synchronize time between computer...
Size: 475K
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time Outlook Synchronizer synchronizer synchronize  
Ultra Atom Time Synchronizer Ultra Atom time Synchronizer can be used to synchronize your computer time with the standard NIST time server. The time can be synced regularly or at the start of the program. The server can be custom...
Size: 1.0 MB
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server time Outlook Synchronizer synchronizer synchronize  
IGEL:clock NTP Server/Client This is for establishing a professional NTP Server forWindows NT as well as a NTP Client for Win95/NT foraccurate time synchronization via the network (LAN/WAN)from any NTP server. For getting the pre...
Size: 437K
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NT LAN SMB Server NTP Server NTP NTP protocol  
Atomic Time Zone Server with 250 Client Licenses Atomic time Zone Server Edition keeps your computers clock Atomically Correct and operates Atomic Clock Time Servers. This is done via the internet using Atomic Clocks, the worlds most accurate time p...
Size: -
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